January 17th, 2017

January 17th, 2017

Ten or so stories worth reading… Let me know if I’m missing anything.

Not the first time this has been attempted, but a game changer if anyone can make it work.
Spray this invisible, edible coating on produce and it will last five times longer

HPP is one of those technologies that will be ubiquitous someday
Under pressure: HPP preserves food, texture and taste

Spoiler: all of them
Which consumers are shaping the food industry?

Sure looks like General Mills has its eyes on an acquisition. Rhythm Superfoods Closes $6 Million Funding Round with Lead Investment from 301 INC

RELATED: Seems like this trend is rolling straight into 2017.
Trend of the Year: Investing in start-ups

“No one is suggesting poor people can’t choose what they want to eat,” except that’s what the article is implying.
In the Shopping Cart of a Food Stamp Household: Lots of Soda

You haven’t had “seafood fraud” until you’ve tasted it.
Almost Half of All Sushi in LA Is Mislabeled, According to Study on Seafood Fraud

The Amazon bulldozer moves on, unabated
Target Holiday Sales Chilly

Green beer getting nervous, St. Patrick rolling over in grave.
Spain Bans Blue Wine for Being the Wrong Color

Last time they ran this contest, The People delivered us Southern Biscuits and Gravy flavored chips. #neverforget
Lay’s Kicks Off “Do Us A Flavor” Contest

…And the enduring annoyance of finding a banana sticker on your shoe.
The Enduring Appeal of Banana Stickers

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