January 15th, 2017

January 15th, 2017

Ten or so stories worth reading… Let me know if I’m missing anything.

Only half of people see the supermarket as their primary grocery store.
The State of the Grocery Shopper in 2017

Some amazing ideas here—will the family dog be rendered useless if you buy something called the Sera Home Recycler?
6 food tech innovations from CES 2017

Are we supposed to taking legislation called the “Dairy Pride Act” seriously?
US Senator Takes Aim at Dairy Alternatives with ‘Dairy Pride Act’

Have you ever ridden on a “pedal hopper”?

The tremors continue at Whole Foods Market
Truesdell Heads to WFM Global While Romano Moves On

Anyone not confused by the impact of digital on grocery shopping is lying.
Future shop: Digital presence in and out of the grocery aisle

It’s a conference made for women by women in the food world, albeit with annoying autoplay video on the website.
FAB’s Educational Conference Aims to Empower Women in the Food Industry

The “boot list” sounds like it belongs at Nordstrom’s. Co-marketing opportunity?
Earth Fare’s new campaign sends powerful message

Whoever successfully renames “seawood” as a food will win the Big Prize.
Top 7 Food Trends for 2017 from Around the Web

Yes but does it pair well with sour?
You Can Actually Buy Jack Daniel’s Coffee That Tastes Like Whiskey

TL;DR: Way easier to just drink beer for breakfast.
How To Eat Beer for Breakfast

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