Week of January 9th

Week of January 9th

New Year’s Madness

Thanks to all for feedback on my 2016 review and my preview for 2017. I really appreciate it.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, this newsletter is an aggregation of what I read during the week–a few dozen or more websites, things people send me, etc. Ultimately, this is a repository for ideas and news that influence my workday and company. I try to send at least one newsletter per week, but sometimes more.

That said, let’s get to what’s happened thus far in the new year:

Ten Stories Shaping the Natural Products Industry
By now we all know that Natural Products are a great proving ground for traditional grocery–big CPGs are continually either following trends in Natural or being disrupted altogether.

Jon Foraker’s Predictions for 2017
The year is still young, so here are the CEO of Annie’s visions for the year.

Forbes’ 30 Under 30 In the Food Ecosystem
Nice look at the new generation of food thinkers and tinkerers, summarized at New Hope Network. Also from that site, how natural food accelerators are stoking innovation in food.

Nominations for 2017 Top Women in Grocery
Application deadline is March 20th over at Progressive Grocer. If you know anyone who might fit the prize..

Retailers Chosen for SNAP
SNAP is an online, purchasing pilot program aimed at helping low-income Americans eat healthier. It’s ambitious, but seems like a good idea.

Whole Foods Inks Exclusive Deal for Documentary
You should watch At the Fork. It’s a great documentary about where food comes from, albeit not as frightening as Food, Inc.

Natural Grocers Top 10 Nutrition Trends
Turmeric is gonna be huge this year.

Food and Health Hot topics in 2017
Functional foods, protein is still hot, and definition of healthy claims.

Sprouts To Open 35 More Stores In 2017
Either marching towards domination or an M&A styled exit with some jealous traditional channel.

Fruit Based Snacks Are On the Rise
Honestly, I feel like we’ve seen this movie before.

How Snask Designed the Best Pre-Gaming Beer You’ll Ever Drink

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