January 10th, 2017

January 10th, 2017

The Good News and Otherwise

Lots of exciting news in the news this week, so much even that I’m gonna have to do another issue. Here are ten places to start:

Survey says Americans Are Increasing Their Consumption of Fresh Foods
Do people ever lie on surveys? Asking for a friend.

Whole Foods Begins Its Radical Overhaul of Its Buying Process
Bringing this program to life is going to be very challenging. The company, whose localized buying structure has arguably given the corporation the ability to innovate better than any other grocer, is doing a fundamental pivot that will either save the company or kill it.

Retailers Turn To Value-Added Produce For Growth
This is the beginning of a huge era for branding in the produce aisle. Which I guess means slotting fees, too.

Super Nova Mandarin Bursts On The Scene
See above…mandarins are good at branding. Why not all the other fruits?

Ahold Partners With Range Me for Product Discovery
I’m really curious how many buyers will make online sites such as RangeMe as their portal for product discovery.

Earth Fare CEO Issues “Clean Food” Challenge
They have a “boot list” and ingredient standards. Ominous! But a good idea.

USDA Is Trying To Make Organic Certification Easier For Farmers
And yet it still seems complicated

Four Trends In Snacks
Donuts are not on this list. Nor is beer.

Kellog’s Makes First Venture Investment
All the big CPGs (it seems) are developing investment subsidiaries in order to innovate, disrupt, or try to remain relevant. This concept (it’s similar to strategic investment) isn’t new, but if nothing else, it’s a new way of marketing your desire to stay on trend.

Trader Joe’s Will Now Let You Sample BEER AND WINE Before You Buy It. But only in the Bay Area.

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