Week of January 2nd, 2017

Week of January 2nd, 2017

Trends for 2017

Last week, we focused on what happened in the food industry in 2016. This week, let’s take a look ahead at what to expect in 2017.

Whole Foods’ 2017 Trend Forecast and also a summation here
I think my favorite is some diet trend called the Flexitarian. Seriously.

Whole Foods Magazine 2017 Retailer Survey
Eye popping datapoint: average reported net profit per store is 4.69%.

Five Leading Trends in 2017 by Food Business News
The placebo effect retains its title of King of All Elephants In the Room.

A Food Spotter Gives Five Trends of 2017
The greatest epicurean trends are always the least healthy.

Six Trends Guiding Innovation in 2017
Mintel is a data company that we all wish we could afford more of.

Personalized Nutrition Is Trending in 2017
What they really mean is that even though you can personally cook or prepare your own food, it’s way easier to just buy it.

How Americans Will Eat in 2017
“Blended Meals” are trending, but it’s a bad catchphrase.

Dietitians Predict Food Trends of 2017
No one ever expected this group to go strong on donuts. SPOILER: no donuts on this list.

Chefs Predict Food Trends of 2017
#5 is healthy kids’ meals…let’s leave it at that.

The Supermarket Guru at Forbes Gives Food Trends for 2017
Whenever I see @PhilLempert on Twitter, I wonder if all of his friends call him The Guru.

The NEXT Forecast says trends are Conscious Consumption and the Values Connections in 2017
Natural products continue their renaissance by sneaking into the value chains.

Functional Ingredients Are On the Rise in 2017
You’ve heard of ashwagandha, right?

New Hope Has Five Trends for 2017
The “plant revolution” is upon us, suggesting an uprising in the meat community.

Key Issues for Suppliers and Retail in 2017 (by IRI)
A data research company has declared data to be more important than ever.

Biggest Superfoods of 2017
The future is watermelon seeds, not plastics.

Best beer of 2017
Because author Lee Breslouer has the best job in the world.

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