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Month: December 2016

Week of December 26th, 2016

Week of December 26th, 2016

The 2016 Round Up

Back by popular demand, here are some recaps from the year gone by. If I missed something, let me know!

Top Products on Instacart in 2016
Apparently all you online ordering people are attached to all those alternative reality foods (fake ice cream, fake cheese, fake milk, etc.)

Progressive Grocer’s Top 25 Articles in 2016
Coming at #1 is their trends article, which of course tells us that everything about consumers is more confusing than ever.

Supermarket News’ Top Stores of 2016
A lot of supermarkets are experimenting with spaces–mostly to try to destroy Whole Foods influence on trends and millennials.

ProjectNOSH’s Most Read Stories in 2016
Their number one story from 2016 is about a guy leaving Whole Foods (disclosure: great guy!) but not how his departure seems like a harbinger.

U.S. Grocery Shopping Trends in 2016
Great depth research, the kind of thing that we wish we could all afford most of.

The State of Speciality Foods 2016
Specialty foods are growing way faster than they used to.

Convenience Store News Best New Products of 2016
Whimsical, decadent, and frequently absurd.

Most Innovative Customer Brands of 2016
Yes, it’s sponsored by the food crowdsourcers Circle Up, but there are some gems in the mix.

30 Best Supermarket Products of 2016
Mostly snack food but that’s what we all want anyway.

2016 Food Trends on Google
If you thought Google was just for Googling, you were wrong. Google knows all, kids.

30 Best Food Trends of 2016
Who knew that there were only 30?

Best Los Angeles Food Trends of 2016
Celebrities, they’re just like us!

Saveur’s Best Blogs of 2016
We should talk more about delicious food, rather than CPGs.

Best Food Memes of 2016
Hipster Food Trends of 2016Best Food Photos of 2016
Worst New Foods of 2016